Can I bake in this glass bowl?!

Question: Can I bake in this glass bowl?
I'm trying to bake a cake in a glass bowl for a recipe. I'm using a bowl from a large set. The larger bowls in the set all say that they are oven safe on the bottoms. However, the bowl I'm trying to use is relatively small (only 12 oz), and it does not say that it is oven safe. Is it possible that this bowl is oven safe just like the others in the set, and the manufacturers didn't write it on the bottom simply because it was too small?

Thanks for any help!


There is not really a way for you to know. If it is not stamped on the bowl somewhere, then I would not use it in the oven. If you know what brand the bowl is (like Pyrex) then you could do some research to see if it is oven safe. I know that all Pyrex brand cooking things are oven safe.

I bake...a lot.

I wouldn't unless you don't have a lot of batter. It might be too small for the amount of batter you have - which means it could over flow in the oven and make a mess. Also, if you know the company that made the other sizes you have, you could call them or e-mail them (look on the net for the company's information...)


If ti's made of the same material as the larger, marked bowls, I'm sure it's fine to bake in it. The manufacturer probably didn't have enough room on the bottom to mark them oven-safe.

There's no way for us to know. Do you know the manufacturer's name?

If it says pyrex you can. not on top of the stove but in the oven.

I think you could because me and my friend baked a cake in a glass bowl and it came out fine.

baked one

Unless it states it is oven proof..I would not use it........

I would not chance it.

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