How do i make grilled cheese in the oven?!

Question: How do i make grilled cheese in the oven?
I know this may seen like a silly question and something every American would know. But i want to try to make grilled cheese in the oven and want to know like at what Temp it should be set at and for how long. Thanks!


It really wouldn't be a grilled cheese. It would be a toasted cheese. You could set the sandwich under the broiler and wait for the bread to toast, then flip the sandwich and toast the other side.

A grilled cheese would be cooked in butter on top of the stove.

If you bake it, its no longer a grilled cheese.
Making it in the oven will take some finesse as the temps needed to toast the bread will have the cheese so melted it will be leaking all over.
Time wise and energy wise, its a heck of a lot faster to grill the sandwich in a frying pan than preheat the oven, bake the sandwich for how ever long.
I cannot tell you temps and times because I would NEVER bake a grilled cheese sandwich.

Grill means grill or fry. If you don't want to do it stovetop, which is the easiest way, then use the broiler. If you're making several of them for a party I can understand wanting to use the oven, but they won't be anything like grilled cheese. Broiler.

i've seen Guia de Laurentis baked,not grilled cheese(parmessan)..she just scooped a tablespoon of grated parmessan and placed it on a baking pan. she baked it formed like a thin cookie afterwards.

Something every American should now....
I am American and I have no idea.

Why not just use a skillet?

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