What's your favourite way to cook potatos?!

Question: What's your favourite way to cook potatos?
I like them mashed with some butter and onion :) nom or roasted with a christmas dinner :) you?


peel then lightly boil for about 6mins at the same time heat a little oil in a baking tray in the oven till it gets really hot but becareful !! then have you heard of shwartz packet mix ? if you have the sage and onion one is gorgeous !!! drain water off potatoes and then sprinkle mix over shake pan so they are all covererd take baking tray out of oven and carefully coat potatoes in oil until all covered on both sides
pop back into oven on about 220c for 30 mins
trust me best crispy roast potatoes you will ever have !!! mmmmm

1. Boil them and mash them w/ butter, salt and a little bit of sour cream
2. Bake and remove the inside, leaving the shell. Mash the inside w/ chives, cheese, sour cream, garlic and cream. Put the filling back in the shell and broil long enough to let it brown.
3. Cut into quarters and pour an olive oil, garlic, salt and fresh rosemary glaze over them. Bake on 350 for 45 minutes.

Roast and fried chips.Part of the problem is that potatoes are seasonal,different varieties at different times.Most people when they buy potatoes have little knowledge of what varieties are best for what and at what time of year and from which part of the country.During Autumn to spring we buy mainly Maris Piper from Lincolnshire,we have had them from other parts but they were not as good,it definitely is the soil and rainfall patterns.

I guess my favourite way is mashed also, but the next would be my jumbo chips.

Take and peel long potatoes, and cut into uniform sized chips at least 19mm square and double fry.
(use all of those odd shaped pieces for mash)

Hasselback potatoes are also a favourite.

Cubed and fried with salt,pepper,garlic powder,onion powder and a bit of paprika for color. much better if you add some bacon and cheese sauce on top.

Diced potatoes with onion, garlic, shallot and cilantro, sauteed in olive oil and butter until done. then sprinkle grated cheese on top, put lid on let set til cheese melts and eat.......

new potatoes crushed with a butter, garlic, thyme & rosemary.

or mashed - with lots of butter, double cream & spring onions.

Mashed is lovely, just some butter and milk. Roasts are good, and baked are delicious! Chips are OK, but boiled are not so great, unless they are baby new potatoes - those with some butter are the best!

Coated in olive oil, garlic powder, onion powder and herbs and than roasted

mash.. otherwise baked but i like to mash them with little pieces of bacon, sliced olives, cream cheese (philli) n spring onions it's super yummy

Roasted to a crisp exterior.

Definitely roasted, nice and crispy

Sauted with garlic, herbs and sliced green olives added at the end.

Au gratin. The word is POTATOES when pluralized.

It was augrautin when my mom made them onions and potatoes and some kind of sauce.

It's potatoEs and my favourite way is to do them as chips

Roasted with roast beef for Sunday dinner.

butter and onion good never milk far too sloppy roasted good too wow tough question makes my hungry :)

I don't eat them often but I do like them fried in oil with sliced onions.


My oven.

Saute with garlic and onions.

Ah def roasted in Goose fat mmmmmmmm 

I love potatoes anyway but in a salad lol. but the best is a twice baked potato

Fried "Hash Browns" with onions.


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