How long should I cook a small brisket?!

Question: How long should I cook a small brisket?
The recipe I have is for a 3 lb brisket, and I have a 1 lb mini-brisket that I want to marinade in bourbon, bnown sugar and chipotle peppers.

Should I divide the cooking time by 1/3 or is there a rule of thumb I can use? Can I even slow roast a brisket that small at 225 degrees, or is there another way to cook it?



simmer your brisket for 4 hours in your sauce thinned with b eef broth or consumme. Remove to roasting rack and slow roast it for another hour with the recipe for your marinade basted on to it. Baste it every 15 minutes.

Brisket is one of the tougher cuts and needs to be simmered a long time or pot roasted a long time.

I hate when my butcher chops my briskets into small bits!! Wish he would follow my instructions and leave it whole!! I can chop it to suit my own purposes that way.

You can probably divide the marinade by a third, but generally cooking times are not that easily divisible.

If the recipe calls for 225oF for 3 hours w/ a 3 lb. brisket, I'd give your little 1 pounder about 2-2? hours... be sure it's covered w/ a lid or foil, or wrappe din foil, or if you're smoking it, that there is water in the smoker. Brisket is a very tough cut of meat that needs moist heat, low and slow, to become tender.

If you stop cooking, let it rest, and it's tough to slice/chew, wrap it back up and give it some more time. It's nto ruined if you take it off early.

I'd cook it for 3 hours at 350 degrees then turn the oven off let it sit till ready to serve turn on the oven to 220 let it simmer for 30 minutes?

Just cook it until fork tender. Like a few hours if boiling

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