Is a pizza base classed as white bread?!

Question: Is a pizza base classed as white bread?
i'm giving up white bread for lent, and i put a pizza in the oven, without thinking..

does it count?!


most of the time it is white dough that makes pizza crust. NO! you cannot eat your pizza until Sunday when it doesn't count. Father Carroll told me that when I caught him smoking on Sunday one year.

Actually, no. both are made from flour, but recipe-wise, the pizza base is simply "dough" and white bread is bread.

BTW, giving up white bread for lent is really not giving something up. Most white bread (like store loaves) are not good for you anyway. At least with pizza, you also get some veggies etc.

opinion <GBG>

if ti's made out of white flour, yes.

if it's made out of whole wheat flour, no.

Yes, it is. But Sundays are not considered part of Lent so save it till tomorrow..


yes, carb city!

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