Do you cook the meat before throwing it into your stir fry or do you just throw it in with the veggies?!

Question: Do you cook the meat before throwing it into your stir fry or do you just throw it in with the veggies?

Always cook the meat first - and separately. You want to makae sure the meat is thoroughly cooked. Then use a slotted spoon and remove the meat to another dish. Cook the vegetables in the "gravy" - juices that were left in the frying pan. When the vegetables are just about done, make a large hole in the center of the vegetables, add your flavoring in there (Chinese sauces, Ponzu sauce (look for this form of soy sauce in your stores) or soy sauce. Stir it into the veggies, then add the meat, stir well and cook a little longer.

Had classes from a wonderful executive Chinese Chef.

Usually I cook the meat first. You really shouldn't add raw meat to the veggies your stir frying (especially if it's chicken or pork) . Usually if it's beef I cook it to medium rare (so one or two minutes at most), remove it, finish off the stirfry and add it back in at the end. If it's chicken, shrimp or pork, then I cook it through, remove it and do the same as with the beef.

cook the meat first, for a few minutes, take it out, cook the veggies , then add the sauce and meat ant stir together and cook for 1-2 minutes more to mix the flavors together and heat every thing evenly

It depends on the size the meat is cut into. If the meat is cut into bite-sized pieces, it should cook at the same rate as the vegetables.

cook the meat first for a little while,then cook the veggies,then put the meat in with the veggies so the flavor can seep in more...


The only reason to cook any meat first is to give it some flavour or colour. Otherwise you can just throw it in.

you cook the meat first because if you put them in together at the same time your veggies will end up burning and your meat will be raw

You cook it first, because the veggies only need a few minutes just to heat through.

Being a chef

cook the meat in the pan then add the veggies and cook.

Fry the meat till brown then add the vegetables

cook cook cook it first unless you want half way cooked meat!

me myself and I

Cook it first for a bit, frying till its brown :)

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