I would like to make some oven baked sandwiches, any advice?!

Question: I would like to make some oven baked sandwiches, any advice?
I would like to a make a couple of oven baked sandwiches for dinner. I have an idea of how to do it, and what ingredients to use, but I need some help as to cooking temp. and time, and if my idea will work.

I have ham and bacon. As for cheese I have blue cheese, provolone, american cheese, and this sort of gouda-like stuff called Premoo.
I would like to use sliced whole wheat bread, I thinking three slices each with plenty of ham, cheese, and roasted tomato inside.
I'm then thinking I would coat them in egg, and then flour. Is this a good idea? I've heard about this method with fried mozzarella sandwiches.
Then put them on a pan and bake them. Again, how long and at what temperature?
Is there anything important that I'm missing?

Thank you so much!


Maybe you should just broil it on low and just watch until the bread gets nice and toasty and the cheese melts.

Sounds like a baked Monte Christo sandwich:

Here's another recipe, but without the coating:

@ I put in 'recipes for baked sandwiches' - lots more choices!

Amazing! Try the above link & have fun! http://giftchoice.info/347356/whole-wheat


Everything you mentioned sounds good,I would just bake them on 350 for 30 minutes or so wrapped in foil for the first 20 min and then uncover for the last ten min...keep an eye on them though so not to overcook.....

I would pan fry these... butter the bread brown nicely than add ingredients and flatten down to get everything to stay in bread and melr cheese....Oven would make them to crispy

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