Cooking on a charcoal grill?!

Question: Cooking on a charcoal grill?
My husband and I were just given a charcoal grill and have never used one before as we have always had propane. My question is when we light it do we let it burn with the lid open until the coals turn white then put the food on it or should we close the lid?
When cooking do all the vents on the grill need open or only some (out grill has 3 seperate vents)?
Any advice is appreciated!


Let the coals get mostly white , that is when the the temperature will be stable . Have a squirt bottle filled with water to spritz on the food when flames start to pop up on the food as it is cooking . The newer BBQ toll sets have a thermometer built into the fork that will tell you when the meat is at a safe temperature inside . You can dutch oven cook on the covered grill with vents open , the number of vents establishes what temp the dutch oven will be at , you will need to experiment with this feature . Good luck and good grilling !

Here's what always works for me:
? Light it up and wait 13 minutes.
? Cook with the lid open on one side. Red meat 8-13 minutes; poultry 13-18. You have to watch it to see when it's done and avoid flares.
? Turn it, close the lid, but leave a spoon under the lid to hold it open a crack. Cook on that side the same amount of time the first side took.
? When done cooking, close the lid fully, and you'll have some charcoal left over for next time.

I think placement of the charcoal is as important as anything else. I would build sort of a pyramid so lots of air can get around the coals and help them all to light then when you start seeing the grey rake them out so you have an even cooking heat. after that yes it's best not to cook with flames coming up to your face and charring the meat. Although a little crisp on the outside is what makes out door cooking taste so good to me.


Kelsey, to your first question, lid off. Second question depends on what your cooking, but usually I have the lower vents on half and the same with the upper vent. Mine is a Weber.

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