i have 1 hearty cup of chocolate (melted and contains oil) left over from a large chocolate fountain.?!

Question: I have 1 hearty cup of chocolate (melted and contains oil) left over from a large chocolate fountain.?
what should i do with the extra stuff? i was thinking of putting them in shot glasses and placing in the fridge so they mould into chocolate pieces.

anybetter ideas?


Save it and put it on ice cream or fruit later.

You can blend it with milk and powdered sugar until it turns creamy, and use it for frosting for cookies, cakes, or brownies. Or once it's creamy and thick, roll it into balls and then roll it in cocoa, coconut, or graham cracker crumbs for truffles. Use it to make chocolate milk. Pour over ice cream. Mix it together with cream, vodka, chocolate liquer, kahlua, rum, Jack, or Bailey's for a crazy sweet dessert drink.

My guess would be that the reason you add oil to chocolate fountain chocolate is to keep it smooth and to keep it from solidifying. Depending on what kind of oil you added, it might not solidify fully when you put it in the fridge.

make a drink you will need:
your chocolate
and liquor

blend your chocolate, ice, and liquor, and a few of your strawberries together save a couple for plating!

then cut up a strawberry or two and make your glass look good then put your mixture into your cup

an idea

swallow it.

make peanut butter balls dipped in chocolate.. yum yum.. you can find a recipe on cooks.com

I'd just chuck it.

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