Salad to go with Shepard's pie?!

Question: Salad to go with Shepard's pie?
I need a good salad to go with Shepard's pie does anyone have any suggestions....(cooking for a man) lol


Green bean salad would be good. But I'd do cucumber & tomato with a light dressing. The veggies would be crisp against the savory soft pie.

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I don't think he would thank you for a salad, a Shepherd's Pie is supposed to be a meal in it's self, or perhaps with added vegetable.

If you feel you need, make one that is compatible to the gravy, perhaps orzo salad that will absorb the flavours of the pie.

Broccoli/cheddar salad...
fresh broccoli cut up add shredded cheddar cheese, mayo, sugar, onion red wine vinegar, salt and pepper.. add small pieces of cooked bacon to if you want.. very very good put in fridge for a couple of hrs..

ok since your cooking for a man... just get a bag of salad out of the supermarket, dice some tomato and cucumber. dressing of your choice. and coleslaw.

I will say bacon with onion and some lettuce or maybe tomatoes. I made it and it worked perfectly.

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