How much chicken salad will 3 boneless chicken breast make?!

Question: How much chicken salad will 3 boneless chicken breast make?
I have 3 boneless chicken breast and want to make chicken salad. I'm feeding 3 people also. Should I take some more chicken out? And what's a good chicken salad recipe?



I would take out 2-3 more breasts, so you won't be short. One breast is much more than enough to make a chicken salad sandwich. Your guests might want more than serving. Here are the answers I got when I asked for chicken salad recipes.

Add celery, onion, and fresh dill along with the mayo. If you dice an apple and some walnuts into it, it will stretch further. Call it a Waldoff chicken salad. Plate on lettuce leaves.

- chef instructor

3 breast should be plenty. You'll probably also be adding diced celery, tomato, onion etc. Plus if you're putting it on greens you'll have the salad as filler.

enough to make ehh 6 sandwichez

Not enough

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