Have you ever put chocolate frosting/icing on lemon cake?!

Question: Have you ever put chocolate frosting/icing on lemon cake?

yes, I have... and I was NOT sorry!
Tasted like a chocolate covered lemon cream.
Use a mix of one bag (12 ounces) semi sweet chocolate morsels and one cup heavy cream, melt this together and stir until smooth then pour over your cake....**quiver**

Truth is: you can put any kind of frosting on any kind of cake and it will always be good. I can't think of any combination that would taste bad. Chocolate + lemon sounds delicious.

I haven't but I would. Chocolate tastes good with pretty much any kind of cake (OK maybe not carrot cake but lemon should be fine).

No, I've only put lemon on lemon. If you have alittle extra cake, try it with some chocolate icing and see how it is.

Can't say I have.. Sounds really good though

Yes! It sounds gross but it is sooo good!

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