Is penis size related to confidence? Do all men with small penis have low self esteem?!

Question: Is penis size related to confidence? Do all men with small penis have low self esteem?
I have a slightly undersized penis, and slightly undersized confidence

is there are a relationship between penis size and confidence?

Do men with larger penises have more self-esteem?


I can personally say, that I believe penis size has some relationship to confidence... of course a number of other things affect confidence as well.

You can have a 9 inch cock but be 4'9" and I'm pretty sure your confidence won't be as high as a six foot dude with a 6 inch cock...

but then again every case is different

In my case, I believe flaccid penis size has a lot to do with confidence... that's how your penis is most the time, and when it's low and heavy, you feel manly... and when it's tiny, you don't feel as manly

can't help but notice this.

I personally increased my flaccid penis size by quite a bit with penis enlargement exercises (hard to believe, but YES it works... and while I can't exactly say it supercharged my self-esteem (which has alway been kinda low) I can say it removed an insecurity I had...

There's more info on all this, including the penis enlargement exercises that worked for me, here

“How does Penis Size affect your Confidence?”…

Aw! Your confidence shouldn't be judged based on the size of your manhood and I know how cliche that sounds but its the truth. I think your confidence may be because you've been told you have a small penis rather than actually having....a small penis. Sometimes they are related but look at the guys who are OVERLY confident....their penises are usually the size of a mini toothbrush and they act confident to ignore their insecurities about it and then they come off as a jack@$$

I am six feet tall, and I have an eight inch... Member. (I recently measured, and there is a slight bend in the base of my penis, measured with a 'flexi' ruler, almost precisely 8 inches. It affects me in no way at all in my confidence. I have a large nose too, which is also broken and bent. My large nose causes me low self esteem because I am constantly called Jew and pinochio. (17yrsold so it's really akward). I have had no sexual intercourse, and I am afraid of talking to women because I think I look like Borat.

your confidence should not be based on your penis size, but on who you are. there should be more about you to love that your cock.thats only a part of you.

Um, I seem to. I have a 4.5" penis and wouldn't say I have a high confidence level.

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Don't think so. Don't worry about it.

It should all be just fine.


probably which is a shame because its just not that important for most gals

Little wang....little man. Sorry

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