How do chefs remember all those ingredients and measurements ?!

Question: How do chefs remember all those ingredients and measurements ?
They make so many variety of foods and they seem to keep all those ingredients and different measurements of spices in there minds. I wouldnt even be able to remember every spice I put in my foods all the time.


It gets easy with time,believe me.I never use a recipe book anymore,besides, we develop our own methods as we go along & don't follow other people's recipes.

Paddy's kitchen

We make things enough times, you don't forget anything. And the desire to be a good at what you do helps ! And don't let anyone fool you, Cookbooks are used ! And a Chef is someone that runs a Kitchen and doesn't always doing the COOKING !!!

Cook for a living

how do we remember the lyrics to songs?
or how to brush or teeth?
or how to do everything we do? repetition probably, or maybe they even have a book of some sort.

Practice, practice, practice!

they train, and practice.

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