how long to boil chicken before frying?!

Question: How long to boil chicken before frying?

I'm going to be making fried chicken for dinner tonight & I read somewhere that you should boil the chicken for a little bit before frying to make sure the chicken is cooked without burning it. I always over burn the outside while the chicken is still raw. So I was curious how long should I boil them for?
I've got 5 drumsticks.

Thanks for the help!


Don't boil the chicken first it will not have flavor instead fry your chicken until brown on both sides them place on baking sheet and bake about 30 minutes 375degrees It takes time & patience to get fried chicken done in a regular frying pan I cut my pieces smaller if large and use a deep fryer do not crowd as oil needs to get in all around each piece then let float up let fry another minute remove with tongs or slotted spoon onto paper towel lined platter

No, do not boil the chicken first.

The reason why you burn the outside without cooking the inside is because you're:

Not using a deep cast iron frying pan with lid
Using too hot of a temperature for too long. You only use a higher temp 375deg just to lightly brown the crust on all sides, with enough space between the pieces to allow good circulation of the oil. Don't crowd the pan. Brown in batches if you have to. The chicken will still be uncooked inside until the next step.
Not cooking for long enough at a low temp with the lid on. This is where the meat get cooked through to the bone.

Cast iron helps a lot because it heats very evenly so that you don't burn the crust due to hotspots on the pan.…

I have been a chef since I was 15 and never have boiled my chicken before frying it. what you might want to try is turning down the temperature of your oil. If you are burning it before the inside is done you might have a few problems going on. 1) the chicken is not thawed completely. 2) you oil is way to hot. i would suggest frying at around 350 degrees to 375 degrees. A electric frying skillet with a temperature dial on it is great for this sort of thing or a table top deep fryer. So I hope this helped. And I am not sure if you ever had boiled chicken before but it is usually rubbery. Some people on low fat diets boil there chicken.

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Never heard of this. I usually get the oil hot before adding chicken, then cover the pan. This way the top is cooking, while the bottom browns. Then turn, but do not cover as that nice brown crunch will soften. If its burning, your heat is too high. After turning, it won't take as long to brown so watch carefully and use a meat thermometer.

If you boil 7 to 10 minites then you to make frying chicken for dinner.

dont boil!!!! it takes the moistness and taste out of the chicken

never boil chicken but never a bad idea to well cook poultry

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