I need meal ideas for the week. variety would be nice. please help!!?!

Question: I need meal ideas for the week. variety would be nice. please help!!?
I usually have something small for breakfast if anything (because i dont have time) and try to have something decent for lunch and my biggest meal is dinner. Breakfast is usually a packet of quaker oatmeal or toast or a carnations breakfast drink. Lunch is a 90 second in the microwave package of rice or sometimes cup-a-soup or a granola bar and fruit cups or apple and banana. once in a while ill have a salad but not often. im not big on sandwiches. The only deli meat i like is turkey or chicken. wraps are ok. the only meat i eat is white meat chicken and turkey, ground beef, fast food burgers, pork chops, and bacon (sometimes) that may seem like most meat to some people and not much to others. I try not to eat a lot of processed or greasy foods.

I pretty much need a meal plan for the week. breakfast and lunch needs to be simple. Im ok for drinks tho, i take Gatorade, water or juice. And have milk at home. I love pasta, salad and pizza


Go to allrecipes.com. That's where I get inspiration for a weekly menu.

Lasagna Rolls! You can make them ahead and they reheat in the microwave well enough.
Chicken Caesar Salad can make a nice substitute lunch and it can be ahead.
Try multi-grain bagels for breakfast and maybe some low fat cream cheese. I like it with veggie cream cheese.

A mistake most people make is having a small breakfast and a medium lunch and a big dinner. It should be the opposite. I find that an awesome breakfast that is fast and nutritious is an omelet. They're cool because you can always change the way they taste by what you add in them. Eat a fruit with this. For Lunch, pasta, soup, and sandwiches (Deli are really good and so are Paris Pate, eat the Paris pate with mustard) are good choices. For dinner do not eat pasta. It is a heavy food and should never be eaten 3-4 hours before going to bed. Dinner is a good time to have fish, salmon and tilapia are great choices. So is boiled chicken with sauce. Try to eat small portions and eat a few snacks in between.

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