OK THE NEW THING AT MY SCHOOL IS... to scrunch your hair.I think that type of hair style is very cute.?!

Question: OK THE NEW THING AT MY SCHOOL IS... to scrunch your hair.I think that type of hair style is very cute.?
Problem is i dnt know how to. Can some one tell me. OK my hair type isn't black nor is white. Its very thick, wavy, and curly. SO can some-one pls tell me how i can scrunch my hair. Or to make it like a natrually curl. DO u know wat I mean. Like to MAKE MY HAIR look natrual curly. No waves or anything. I dont have a perm i just use a sraightning iron so i wonna try soomthin diff. So can some-one tell me how to scrunch my hair or to make it a natrual curl thanks!


Not cooking and recipies. But oh well.
1. To make it look the best, have your hair dry, not wet. It'll hold better.
2. Flip your head over, and take some foam (like Aussie or Bed Head) or scrunch spray and spray in your hands.
3. Take the hair in your hand like your squeezing a stress ball. But not super tough, just the motions.
4. Once youve finished that part, Flip your head back over so you can look into your mirror, and touch up anywhere you need too, or if you want to put it up in a ponytail, or flat iron your bangs or whatever.
5. Then you need to spray with hairspray if you think your hair wont hold. Mine holds all day without hairspray, but whenever my friend scrunches her hair she has to touch it up with hairspray between classes to keep it from falling out.
6. At the end of the day, wash that crap out of your hair, because it will not look pretty in the morning if you sleep on it.
Hope this helped(:

Loveeee scrunching my hairrr(:

my hair is naturally curly but if i let it dry and don't put anything in it, it frizzes and gets poofy. so when i get out of the shower i put styling gel and hair spray. the hair gel is la bella, lots of curls. and aussie sprunch. i get both of them from walmart. then i blow dry my hair. everybody loves my hair. hope this helps!

Egg whites. Whip up several of them and scrunch into damp hair while very lightly blow-drying it. It'll look just like you have glossy perm. Seriously, I was amazed with the results. Warning though, you need to shampoo really well to get the dried egg whites out.

This is the wrong section.

And scrunching hair needs gell, get a curl setting gel to help and it is not a new thing.

I use a hand blender . . . and lots of olive oil.

This is Cooking & Recipes....................

But you need gel to scrunch your hair......

whats this had to do with cookin and recepies,

you have to use mousse. I recommend chocolate.

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