Can I substitute cloves for fresh ginger in this soup recipe?!

Question: Can I substitute cloves for fresh ginger in this soup recipe?
I'm making this recipe tonight:…

However, I'm out of all forms of ginger, fresh or dried! Can I use cloves as a substitute, or should I just omit it? And if I can use cloves (or another spice), how much should I use?


For that recipe you could use cloves or nutmeg either one would be tasty. I would start with 1/2 tsp and keep tasting until it has the flavor you like. You won't get the same spiciness that the Ginger would add, but you will get the warmth. So you could also add a touch of cayenne in addition to the chili powder to further mock the ginger attributes.

If you do not have ginger or a spice which is called for in any recipe it is best to leave the missing spice out. That way the completed recipe will not be "off flavor". People will not miss the spice or flavoring.

BUT if you try and try and substitute a spice that really does not match the recipe people will notice it more.

Another thing to do is after the soup is made put aside one small bowl and mix in the alternate spice and if the flavor tastes good to you, then go ahead and add a Small amount to the whole pot.

Once a spice is in you can not take it out and you can not try to cover it up.

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These are the spices that you could substitute....Allspice; cinnamon; mace; or nutmeg...

Cloves have the same substitute...All you can do is try it and see how the flavor is when it is cooked...

Substitute flavors can alter the taste of your recipe...

Good luck !!!

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