How do I make a peanut butter and Jelly sandwich?!

Question: How do I make a peanut butter and Jelly sandwich?
Okay I really need help! Does anyone know how to make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich? I been trying for over 5 hours but I still can't get it. ...I don't even know if I should put the Jelly first then bread and or butter or milk on bread! Or peanut butter on my butt?? UGH....It's driving me crazy! Please help.


Give me an email and I'll send you a recipe.

It is a VERY difficult process, but if you have willpower you can do it. First off, you must give birth to triplets. You must then sacrifice two of the three triplets, and take their blood and get the third to eat it on the winter solstice. This will cause your child to turn into a super child. Once the child has finished the transformation, you must take him to Niagra Falls, and give him a pencil, a rubber band, a match, and a shoelace. Then you must push your child over the waterfall. If he/she manages to survive, he has passed the test, and is eligible. Secondly you must create an entire peanut farm, harvest all of the peanuts after one year, and hand crush them. Your hands will probably start to bleed from crushing up all the peanuts with your bare hands, this is how the jelly is created (ensure not to mix the two, otherwise you will have to redo this stage of the process). Next You must use your blood and mix it with 5 berries (whatever flavour jelly you like best!), and add gelatin. You now have all components necessary to craft the sandwich. Remove two slices of bread from the package, get the most dull knife in your house, cut off the tongue of your super child, and without cleaning the knife, spread the hand-made peanut butter onto your bread, next you must ingest 3 regulation size golf balls. After this is done you may spread the jelly you made from your own blood on the other slice of bread. Put the sandwich together (both spreads together) and you have your basic PB&J sandwich. If you find your sandwich not very tasty, you should repeat the process, but double the original amount of children, continue doubling (more than 24 original children may result in an unstable sandwich) until you are satisfied. Enjoy!


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to answer: jelly and pb on bread and milk in a glass

Dude, this question is getting old.

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