What can I substitute for walnuts?!

Question: What can I substitute for walnuts?
My diet comes with planed meals and most of them look good. However a lot of them call for nuts, and I am allergic. One of them calls for walnuts. Is there something I can swap them for? Is it okay to just leave them out?


I'm also allergic to nuts as well and I've found you can just leave the nuts out and most recipes are just as good. Although if you aren't allergic to all nuts, you could probably use almonds. I'm allergic to pretty much every nut, but I think you aren't missing out on too much by not including them.

If the thing you're looking for is omega-3 fats, I would suggest incorporating flax seed (which has even more omega-3 fats than walnuts), fish, beans,etc in your diet plan. Flax seed is great because you can grind it up and put it in a bread, cookies, salads, dressing, smoothies, etc. Now that I think about it you could probably replace the walnuts with flax seed. It won't taste the same, probably, but it will probably work.

Hope this helps. Not sure if this is what you're looking for, but it's just my two-cents.

Just leave them out, it probably won't make a big difference (:

sliced carrots
pumpkin seeds
sunflower seeds

i think it's ok for you to leave them out

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