What should a man do to his wife or girlfriend if she cooks dinner and the pot roast isn't moist and tender?!

Question: What should a man do to his wife or girlfriend if she cooks dinner and the pot roast isn't moist and tender?
I think I am with the majority in that I believe when pot roast is served it needs to be moist, tender, and succulent, especially if it is cooked in today's modern kitchens. There are few excuses for an overcooked roast. I have known one guy who punched his wife in the face because the roast was burnt. I certainly do not agree with that action (a man should never punch a woman) but I do believe there should be some sort of disciplinary action if the roast is over done - especially since it can be $3.99/lb or more. Plus, when you add in the the potatoes, carrots, and the experience of a ruined meal it really adds up. I believe, the first time she should be given a warning unless she has a real good excuse like an emergency came up. More often than not, women are goofing around watching TV, on the computer, or talking on the phone and not paying attention to cooking. If she does it after a warning is given, then comes a spanking..a serious spanking. Doesn't this sound fair?


God you are annoying. Take her to dinner you dip.

Why not be a good husband or boyfriend, and offer to cook the meal next time?
In my experience, "real" men are not too scared to go into the kitchen & show off their cooking skills.
And if the man won't offer to cook, he is most likely lacking skills in the kitchen, and most probably in other areas also ;.)

Your gf/wife/woman, is NOT your dog or pet. She doesn't need 'discipline' nor a 'lesson'. If you think it was bad, tell her so. Tell her you didn't like it that way. You could be even MORE helpful than hurtful by looking up other recipes or methods and telling her some of those tips.


I think physical violence is never the answer.

Also ?

Since you know how you like your meat ?

Cook it yourself.

Your wife deserves a break and you should cook all of the time since you know how you like things.


There is only one thing to do. Next time make the pot roast yourself.


I had a smart a$$ answer but i can barely stop laughing long enough to type this.

Ignore the Troll,
youll never be married.

Nothing. Just thank her for making dinner.

That's why they have restaurants.

Put gravy on it.

Either suck it up or don't eat!

2 words: EAT IT!

she should take a cheese grater to your face

your an idiot!! you don't have a wife!!

your reaction sounds acceptable to me the reason is because If I cooked you a roast I would make it perfect for you just because I respect you as a person :) It sound like she has a lack of respect its not really her fault sh just needs to be taught to respect people. maybe you don't need to be violent but you just need to teach her a different way. she needs to learn to appreciate the house you provide for her =D

a lot of people don't understand respect until they have had to fend for them selves...

make her moist and tender

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