What else can I make with roast beef?!

Question: What else can I make with roast beef?
Ok well technically its not beef...its either moose or deer (we eat a lot of wild meat) but I don't just want to cook it like a roast and serve with potatoes and veggies. I actually want to do something with it as my husband doesn't like eating a roast as is. Anyone have any good ideas of what I can do with it?


Cook it in a crock pot with an onion some salt n pepper, add some BBQ sauce and shred it up and make it into bbq sandwiches.

dice it and make stew
dice it and make chili
dice and braise with onions and peppers till tender, season with your favorite fajita seasoning and have fajitas.
season well, crock pot cook it until tender, slather on the BBQ sauce and serve with fluffy buns and crisp cole slaw
Dice and braise the meat until tender and use it for beef(or what ever) barley soup.
Dice and crock pot it with navy beans, peppers, onions and tomatoes. Season as you like with salt and pepper and maybe a touch of cayenne and serve over fluffy rice.

stroganoff, tacos, burritoes, meatloaf, chili....

Mashed potatoes and green beans

hot shots

my sister can make deer CHILI'

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