How many slices of buttered bread you you have with your spagetti?!

Question: How many slices of buttered bread you you have with your spagetti?

I don't normally eat bread when I am having a spaghetti meal.

I will sometimes have about half a can spooned out on a slice of toast for brekkie, or two slices for lunch with a whole can.…

The silly spell check doesn't know the word 'brekkie' LoL
It wants me to write Trekkie (shades of Star Trek I guess)

I Will Usually Have 3 To 2 Slices. Now If It Was Cinimon Buttered Bread, 5 To 10 Slices Please. But Too Much Butter And Oil Is Not A Good Thing. Eat In Modearation.

spaghetti is a starch so is bread you don't need both I would be happy with one piece of garlic bread but I almost never do that.

I do not always eat bread with spaghetti but if I do it’s usually at least two slices.


I usually at least have 2.

never bread..

garlic baguette now your talking?

just one

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