What are these seeds that some people put in spaghetti?!

Question: What are these seeds that some people put in spaghetti?
I honestly think it ruins spaghetti. I almost gag everytime i eat one...
They're like green little seeds that some, not all, people put in spaghetti.
Any idea because I would really like to recommend to my parents not to put the stuff in!


The only "seed" that may end up in spaghetti would be Fennel Seed. Very common in Italian sausage. Has a taste much like anise.
I dislike it due to the anise flavor.
There is also the Pepper Flakes that some add to sauce or sprinkle on pizza. The pepper flakes are very spicy. But that is a red flake and the actual seeds are white.

Could be Rosemary. I sometimes add it to my spaghetti, and sometimes don't because they are a pain. Rosemary is long and thin, as opposed to pepper seeds which are round and flat.

cooking experience

are you refering to the pepper seeds available at all pizza houses on the tables and most Italian cafes on the tables? I like pepper seeds in spaghetti sometimes and on pizza and on other things as well.

They could be anything, but at a guess I would say pumpkin seeds.

Fennel seeds...................

Fennel Seed...

Fennel seed is in a lot of sauces and also sometimes in sausage.

I agree with the post above. It sounds like fennel.

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