Do I have an obsetion with food?!

Question: Do I have an obsetion with food?
Im 14 years younge and only 79 pounds. Every one always says how skinny I am and they wish they could be my size. I constantly try to gain weight because I am tire of hearing people say that. But for awhile now food has be en the only thing I can think of. I always want food even if I just ate but just because I want it doesnt mean I always give it too myself. And still people complain about how I always eat but have nothing to show for it... Wat should I do??


I used to have the SAME problem. I hated my body and everything about myself. I didn't hit 100 pounds until i was a sophomore in high school. I developed an obsession with food. I would literally eat ALL the time just to prove to my friends that I actually did eat. You probably have a fast metabolism, and no mater how much you eat, your body will just burn it off. Don't worry, just give it like 5 or 6 years and you'll fill out a little bit. I used to be so sick and tired of hearing people tell me to eat, and that i was too skinny. I mean, no one straight up says to a fat girl "stop eating! you're too fat!" its just as offensive to say to a skinny girl "start eating, you're too skinny!". people are soooo rude. Its just because they're jealous. Just be happy about it. Its really a blessing that you just wont get fat even if you try. Women all over the world would kill to have that. :) There's really not anything you can do, you are who you are. Just be confident in your skinniness and learn to LOVE IT! When you hit about 30 your metabolism will most likely cut in half. So, enjoy your tininess while you can;)

I have the same problem, im 15 and im around 90 something pounds. Everyone always says im tiny even though i eat alot. But its actualy a good thing, you dont have to worry about not eating like tons of girls do, you dont have to worry about not eating your favorite snack cause they have tons of calories or anything like that.

Anyways like the other guy said if you really wanna gain weight just buy a weight gainer at a protein shop and drink it everyday ( you'd probably wanna workout with it to though ) my brother is a body builder and cant gain weight so he drinks that and workd out.

Seriously you have been blessed. Enjoy all that food because when you get older that metabolism will slow down A LOT. I would eat without worry because you obviously won't get fat until you like 22 or 23 MAYBE. It could be as late at 30. But, if you want to gain weight I would go work out and drink whey protein to gain some mass.

Overall many people are very, very jealous of people with your metabolism rate.
Eat on til your older!

Cause the more you dont want to hear that the more you want to be fatter the more you want food. simple

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