When you make a layer cake, do you flip the the cakes over so it easier to ice them?!

Question: When you make a layer cake, do you flip the the cakes over so it easier to ice them?

That is the best way.

If they are slightly domed shape in the pan, before you turn out hold your knife flat and use the edge of the pan as a guide to keep it level.
It will help give you a stable base, and it is difficult for some to cut them freehand. (me)

YES, but!!! I slice the hump off the tops so they sit flatter. Flip the first of 3 cakes bottom up, second top up, third bottom up so it is really flat and neat to frost. If it is 2 layer, then first top up and second bottom up.

Crumb coat the stacked cakes with pureed baby apricots, 2 bottles, with half cup sugar heated to boiling in sauce pan then poured over the cake and allowed to "set" for about an hour. Then frost the cake.

Turning them over does give you a flatter surface to frost and decorate.
Slicing the "hump" off the top of the cake will do the same thing.
Either way you do it crumb coat the cake so you do not get bits of cake in your frosting.
Crumb coating is a thin layer of frosting put on the cake to seal the crumbs in and onto the cake. Allow the crumb coat to set then apply your thicker layer of frosting.

Actually if you freeze the layers you can slice the the curved parts off. I do whatever makes the layers look the evenest.

Yes, you put the 2 bottom sides in the middle

well kooky, you ice cakes, on both sides...

put the flat on the very top

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