Is it leftovers if I make lunch the night before? who has the time to make every meal every day?!

Question: Is it leftovers if I make lunch the night before? who has the time to make every meal every day?
if I had steak for dinner and then made one for lunch tomorrow is that leftovers? i'm just wondering what people mean by it...if you think about it..if you bought two cans of same soup wouldn't that be leftovers since they might of made it the same time the only difference is that they put it in some commercialized about deli cuts you buy at the store or shop? if you take some and there's still cold cuts left after your meal wouldn't that be leftovers? do people just mean real food because deli cuts aren't what I consider real food...neither is cereal or munchies...


I'm pretty sure leftovers are what is "left over" from a meal. Like a ham sandwich using leftover meat from Sundays ham dinner. Or making chicken salad from the "left over" baked chicken you had on Wednesday. And making hash with the leftovers from the corned beef dinner you had on St Patricks Day.

It depends. Leftovers normally refer to eating leftover food you made at dinner the next day reheated for lunch or dinner. If you cook steak for dinner then make a seperate salad for lunch the next day that is not leftovers. I must say that pre-cooked steak re-heated sounds awful, overcooked and dry.
You would be better off with tuna or chicken.

Left overs are... say for dinner one night you make sloppy joes but dont finish the whole pan so you put it in the fridge and eat some the next night for dinner. Thats left overs. But if you buy a package of steak that has two in it and you only cook one and eat it and make the other one the next day thats not leftovers.

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