How much pesto should I use?!

Question: How much pesto should I use?
I am doing pasta for two.
It is bacon and onion and pesto.How much pesto do I put in it?
If anyone knows anything else to put in it I would be grateful.


Put in 4 teaspoons and a little touch of double cream.

Have a taste, and if it needs a little lore you can add it.

Remember pesto is quite rich and too much will make a very rich dish.

It would depend on how much/what kind of pasta you're cooking. For a two person serving, I like to start with 4 table spoons, mix, see if I like it, and continue adding 1 table spoon at a time until it's where I want it. This amount can change depending on how absorbent your pasta/other ingredients are today and various other factors. Hope this helps!

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