how do i cook this fish recipe?!

Question: How do i cook this fish recipe?
I have some sea bass, and someone told me to cook it in foil covered in chopped onion,carrot and lettuce.they told me they didnt know how long to cook it for or what other ingredients to use or how to prepare the fish.Can anyone help with the extra details for this recipe please.


It depends how big is the sea bass, in my own experience I cook it half an hour for each pound when it is tin foiled at 200c. But then again it depends also in your oven, if it is fan assisted you will have to lower 20c so it would be 180c. I wouldn't recommend to put the lettuce with the sea bass, lettuce in great proportion is water and it will dilute in the steam the fish will generate.

A good rule of thumb is ten minutes per inch. It works well with meat and fish. Your temperature has to be at least 350 for the rule to work.

If you put it in foil in a hot oven I would expect you to cook it for ten minutes per inch of thickness at the thickest point, plus a couple of minutes because the foil insulates the fish at first.

And you will want to let it rest for a couple of minutes before serving it.

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