It's better to cook rice in a rice cooker like Zojirushi or just a stainless steel pan?!

Question: It's better to cook rice in a rice cooker like Zojirushi or just a stainless steel pan?

I find the even heat of a rice cooker offers the most plump rice.
For cooking rice I prefer using an earthenware clay pot.
I have a rice cooker, crockpot by Vita Clay and it offers me clay and a rice cooker in one that I really enjoy. The timer that reacts to the steam/water in the rice really helps. Rice cookers keep the rice warm for longer periods and its great not to burn the rice so easily.
A thin bottomed stainless steel pan can be really tricky for making good rice. If you have to use a stainless pan make sure it has a thick bottom that distributes the heat well.

For flavor, I prefer clay.
A stove top safe clay pot like Ancestral Chamba or Emile Henry stove top is great because you can use it on the stove to saute the rice first before I add the water. This offers a nuttier flavor, ideal for brown rices and you can saute onions, garlic, or seasonings before you put the rice to boil. Clay offers a very even and moister heat.

Personally, I LOVE to cook my rice in my rice cooker, it's easier, faster, and quicker to clean up than cooking it in a regular pot, but that's just my opinion.

Well Try this link :)

if you cook it in a rice cooker there's a better chance it wont be gooey.

i cook!

which one you want to makes no difference in the quality of the rice, imo.

Rice cooker is fast and saves fuel. So that's my choice.

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