What goes well with Pea soup?!

Question: What goes well with Pea soup?
I am making pea soup for dinner, and I was wondering, 'what goes well with pea soup?' Please not nasty comments. Thanks!


Melibear, pea soup, you can have garlic bread, herb bread, warm diner rolls.

A nice crusty bread, maybe garlic bread and a cucumber salad.
For the cucumber salad: peel and slice cucumbers and place in a bowl. Add some chopped onion, and either ranch or Italian dressing. Mix to coat with the dressing and serve..

Brown pitta bread toasted with plain or garlic butter, or hot naan bread.
If you are thinking further, then some fried fish with plain buttered bread rolls.

Crusty bread! Italian, sourdough...

A drizzle of mint sauce, and some mini croutons, with a nice ice cold glass of peenio greegio

i love doing pea soup in some nice bread bowls

crackers.... its really good with crackers and a glass of cold water

I am not being nasty but a warm toilet seat is advisable...

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