What can I do with pound cake?!

Question: What can I do with pound cake?
Any creative suggestions?


All sorts of things can be done with or to a pound cake.

You can make a chocolate. lemon, or Vanilla glaze to pour over it.

Frost it with a butter cream icing.

Serve it a la mode, with ice cream or frozen yogurt.

Make a glaze with fresh strawberries.

You can use it to make a Tiramisu.

Or you can do my favorite thing to do with a pound cake, that is to pour a tall glass of cold mil, cut a big slice and eat it.

Doc Hudson

Make a Trifle,

Cube and toothpick the cake, and dip in chocolate fondue

Slice cake and then chop some strawberries,and add a little sugar.Stir. Pour strawberries over cake, squirt canned whip cream over it.


The most creative thing I've seen done with a pound cake is making French toast with it. It's so rich and thick and delicious. You just soak slices of the pound cake in beaten eggs like you would when making French toast. I add a little vanilla and cinnamon to the eggs.

I cook for my family and friends a lot!

most people pair pound cake with fruit--but think outside the box how about with bacon(it's the new next thing). pound cake is sweet how about pairing it with sour. arugula with pound cake crumbled on top. or sauteed mushroom and pound cake. these are idea that just came into my head--have never tried them so they might be a disaster

Cut up strawberries and put them in a bowl and cover them with sugar. And just a little water in the bottom. Stir. Let them sit in the fridge for a couple of hours. Take them out. Stir. And put on a slice of cake. Add cool whip on top. It's great.

English trifle. Put cubes of cake in the bottom of glass serving bowl, sprinkle with sweet red wine or cherry kirsch, top with fruit, chopped jelly (jell-o) and whipped cream.

It's fabulous served with fresh fruit and whipped cream. Layer it with custard and fruit flavored syrup for a trifle.

What can't you do with pound cake?
Breakfast: make it into french toast
Lunch: monte cristo anyone?
Dinner: skip dinner and go straight to dessert

you can eat it. -_-


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