Bbq meatballs? anyone have a simple recipe for crockpot? ?!

Question: Bbq meatballs? anyone have a simple recipe for crockpot? ?
I use my crockpot a lot due to different working hours than kids and financee
Anyone have a simole recipe for bbq meatballs?


use 2-3 large bottles of sweet baby rays sauce, 2-3 packs of frozen meatballs , simmer on low 6 hours or high for 3 hours.. they turn out soo delicious!!

Cheat, make meat loaf and use powdered gravy. You are wondering why I said use gravy. Mix your powdered gravy in a measuring cup. Mix this liquid into the meat loaf recipe. Then form meat balls. Get the mixture cold so it will form firm balls. When you cook these the gravy powder will activate from the heat and it will make the gravy. Remember, powdered gravy won't thicken until it is heated up. You can use the pulled pork powder also.

My own experience.

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