Can I have a slice of bread that expired on March 17th?!

Question: Can I have a slice of bread that expired on March 17th?
It looks, and smells just fine... and I'm hungry. I want a sandwhich and can't run to the store to buy a loaf... can I have some of this bread?


Feel the bread, make sure it doesn't have any distinct odor or discoloration which would indicate mold on it. If not your good to go, most Sell By dates are just estimated, the only ones you should worry seriously about is milk, eggs, meat..etc.

Eaten enough expired bread for late night meals.

If it's not moldy, it's fine.

The dates on food are usually "sell by" dates anyway. If the store doesn't sell them before that date, they have to get rid of them, but they're still fine to eat for a few weeks. It's very wasteful, really.

No! That bread is too old, the time on the bag is always a week after is really expires.
Keep that in mind the next time you go grocery shopping!

past experience

As long as there's no mold on it you should be fine. It might be a little bit dry though.

as long as it smells and looks ok ? it should be ok.


as long as its not moldy, go for it

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