Will this ground chicken kill me or not?!

Question: Will this ground chicken kill me or not?
So I bought this package of ground chicken earlier this week, and promptly forgot about it being in the fridge. I rediscovered it tonight, and was SURE it was bad (because seriously guys, I got in on like Monday or Tuesday), but lo and behold, the 'use by' date is April 8th. Normally, I would take that to mean that the chicken's safe, but that seems like an. . .abnormally long time for raw chicken to be good in the fridge, doesn't it? I've never cooked ground chicken before, so perhaps I am not familiar with its various nuances.

Therefore, I am doing the wisest thing I have ever done in my life: leaving my fate up to a bunch of internet strangers. Should this chicken be safe to cook for lunch tomorrow?


If it is slimy discard it.
Break it open and if the color inside is pink it should be fine.
Perhaps you can cook it tonight and reheat it tomorrow.
Whatever you do, cook it thoroughly.

Good luck!

Well, my dad bought a whole chicken last Saturday, but then we couldn't decide what do with it. We thought we would only have a few days at the most, but the sell by date on it was April 4th! So we cooked and ate it tonight, and, so far anyway, nothing amiss has happened! So I would say that it is probably all right, as long as you thoroughly cook it, of course.

It should probably be o.k. It should be the same color as when you bought it and it should not have a strong or off odor. If you cook it today it should be o.k. But I would not wait until tomorrow to cook it.

I'm sure it probably has some type of preservative or whatnot to keep it so long. As long as the 'use by' date hasn't passed, it's still okay to use.

it is fine to use so go ahead
i have bought ground chicken and turkey for the past 2 years
just use it or freeze it before the date

It is fine. If you are really worried, just be sure to cook it thoroughly..

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