What do you like to serve with.....?!

Question: What do you like to serve with.....?
What side dishes, breads, desserts do you like to serve with the following?

Roast Beef

Roast Chicken


Spaghetti w/meat sauce or lasagna

fish (baked, grilled or fried)


Roast Beef: roasted potatoes & carrots, apple crisp

Roast Chicken: rice pilaf, asparagus, pie

Ham: scallop potatoes, salad, ice cream

Spaghetti w/meat sauce or lasagna; ceasar salad, brownies

fish (baked, grilled or fried); rice or couscous, green beans, pudding

Sweet potatoes, butternut and creamy spinach

New potatoes in garlic and a small salad / stir fry veg

mash, gravy and peas

Salad and ciabatta

fried fish with chips/fries

With heavier meals Iike some fuit, cheese and crakers. But if you going all out something chocolate is always good. Brownies and ice cream or even a chocolate souffle

Grilled or baked fish with savory rices

Roast beef -Yorkshire pudding or corn bread, green beans and pie

Roasted Chicken- roasted potatoes, asparagus and lemon bars

Ham- Baked sweet potato, apple sauce and cake

Spaghetti- Garlic bread , zucchini and ice cream

Fish- Wild rice (or you favorite rice), the freshest veggie that you can get and strawberries (short cake is good)

beef- baked potatoes, also cut some onions into eight pieces and put in roast beef pan for last 30 minutes, also some green vegetable. Poached Pears.
Chicken- mashed potatoes and gravy, or a stuffing, corn
Ham- not my thing
Spaghetti or lasagna- garlic bread made from a pizza dough brought from grocery store bakery. A salad before is nice. An Italian Ice or Sherbet.
Fish- i always like asparagus as I make a creamy lemon sauce for fish and it is a good substitute for heavier hollandaise sauce. Never fry fresh fish, it is a crime. Key Lime pie

RB= noodles, corn, mashed potatoes, cole slaw, soourdough bread.
RC= Green beans, steak fries, corn bread
Ham= pineapple, baked potato
Spag/ Laz= salad, french bread with olive oil and parm cheese

I don't do fish, allergic!

Roast Beef: Baked potatoes and carrots
Roast Chicken: Brown rice pilaf with peas and carrots
Ham: Sweet potatoes and green beans
Spaghetti or lasagna: Garlic bread and cucumber salad
Fish: Baked potatoes and broccoli

Mashed potatoes
mashed potatoes
garlic bread

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