What bakeware material is best?!

Question: What bakeware material is best?
I'm very interested in starting to bake all kinds of stuff I never have before. But before I buy any new bakeware, I want to ask the opinion of experienced bakers. So, what's best for muffins, cookies, bread, etc. ?


I like the Echo brand at the grocery stores! It is good stuff and inexpensive. If it gets burned for some reason beyond ability to clean it back up you are not out as much as say the stuff touted by Emeril and others on TV.

I bought most of mine more than 40 years ago and it is still in service. My mother's bakeware is also the Echo and has been in use for about 60 years!

Tin is always best - for bread loaf tins of for rolls ect use non-stick baking sheets / trays - they get the heat to them better than pottery or glass ect.
For the basics get a nice large non-stick, (I like enamel) tray, a 2lb loaf tin, a 12 cup muffin tin, and a loose spring bottom cake tin 10 - 12 inch) - that will handle all baking goods from a loaf of bread, to muffins to a tray bake to a cheese cake.
A whisk / rolling pin / 2 spatulars and a wooden spoon.


I personally prefer Pyrex pie, cake, loaf pans, and casserole dishes, and GOOD quality (no aluminum) non-stick baking sheets, muffin tins, tube and springform pans.
Glassware distributes heat more evenly, eliminating 'hot spots' that can occur with thin metal pans, and ensuring even browning. And, you can reduce the oven temp by 25*, saving energy!
Always invest in quality tools; they'll last a lifetime.

I agree with Roy, Pyrex is great for baking. I always prefer glass bake wear for even cooking. It is also easier to clean. I use stainless steel for my stovetop cook wear. Aluminum and Teflon are toxic materials and I wouldn't cook or bake anything in them.

I believe the best things for cooking baked items would be Heat resistent cook ware, and long spatulas to mix batter, or an electrical powered beated

Auminized steel

Baker for over 25 years

I like teflon.

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