Chocolate cream pie recipe with non instant chocolate pudding mix?!

Question: Chocolate cream pie recipe with non instant chocolate pudding mix?
Can I make a chocolate cream pie with Cool Whip mixed into it with non instant chocolate and vanilla pudding mixes? A lot of recipes call for instant, but, I hate the taste of instant pudding.


Sure, cook your pudding and let it cool. Then add the Cool Whip and whatever else you wanted. Put wax paper or plastic wrap over the top of the pudding while it's hot so it doesn't form a skin.

sure, but you will have to chill the pudding before mixing in the cooll whip or whipped cream..

Make the chocolate pudding the way it ccalls for on the package then put in dish and cchill. Then stir it up and stir in the whipped topping. finish by heaping into prepared crust.

I think you would like the instant pudding mix better if you used half n half or cream in it rather than milk. I do.

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