What is the best way to keep bread from getting all hard and moldy?!

Question: What is the best way to keep bread from getting all hard and moldy?
Whenever I buy bread for my husband and I, even though it's the freshest bread I can find, it all gets hard and moldy in about three days.
It's practically impossiable for us to eat a whole loaf that fast.

Any ideas?


Bread will get mouldy quicker in the fridge.

The very best way is to freeze it and just take out what you need. You could even wrap a few slices and take out days worth at a time.

Its a common problem, especially in two person families who just cant get through an entire loaf fast enough. You can do this, split it in half when you get home (you can do this for those crusty french or italian loaves as well as sandwich bread like wonder). Wrap both sides in tin foil, covering everything tightly, like you're wrapping a gift. Place one half in a freezer bag (plastic with the seal like ziploc freezer bags, large) and pop that half in the freezer. Leave the other one on your counter or in your bread box. Each time you use it, wrap it back up right away. Air is what makes bread hard and time is what makes it moldy. Were attacking the air for this half of the loaf - which means you still need to get this half eaten in the next 4-5 days. On day 4 (or so), take the other half out of the freezer and let it thaw on the counter. This is the half where we were attacking the "time" and the "air" to prevent hardening and mold. When the first half is gone, you'll be ready to start eating the second half and it will be thawed and ready to eat at just the right time. You wouldn't believe how frozen and thawed bread tastes and looks just like fresh bread - its a really nice trick and a huge money saver. Like I said, wonder bread (and the like) and the crusty loaves from the market will both stand up to this method - try it and you'll never throw out a half eaten loaf of bread again! Have other pastries? Bagels, english muffins, pita bread, etc. - it works the same for all of em.

Hope this helps!!

I take out 4 slices and place in a bag in the refrig. Then I freeze the rest. Then, when I need more bread, I take the forzen out and place in the bag in the refrig.

Freeze it on the second day or at least refridgate it. You never want to freeze bread on the day that it is baked, it has too much air in it, but the next day is just fine.

I've never had bread mold in the fridge. You need to make the wrapper as air tight as possible. It will last 2 weeks for me.

Good luck!

Keep in a plastic wrap in the fridge.

Kinsey, I am sure I have seen this question before, we put ours in the fridge.

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