yummy food combinations?!

Question: Yummy food combinations?
whats ur fave?
i eat hot chips with ranch 8)
chocolate with lemon- sweeet n sour
hot chips with lemon- hot n sour
plain chips with cream cheese


and I thought I was the only one who ate weird....

chocolate pudding and fresh baked bread

whole banana smeared with crushed pineapple and cream cheese

tapioca pudding and peas

Hershey's chocolate bar with honey barbeque sauce

Just meeeee

Oatmeal nad marmalade - weird? :)
potatoe salad adn cheese
oranges(clementines) with nutella
toasted poppy seed Bagels with cream cheese&bacon/crunchy peanut butter
Vanilla ice cream and peanu butter
Baguette with butter, ketchup and fried/sunny side up egg!!

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