Is orange chicken from Panda Express bad for you? Should I throw away the food?!

Question: Is orange chicken from Panda Express bad for you? Should I throw away the food?
Hi there, my mother just brought home orange chicken and some rice from Panda Express. She wants me to have some, but I am hearing orange chicken is bad for you and it contains salt, sugar, high calories, fat, and sodium, plus it is fried and it smells funky, but not that bad. I am really hungry and I hardly eat this; should I throw away the food?


moderation is the key if you have it once in a while your fine just don't make a steady diet of things like that

never throw away food that is edible!
think about kids that are starving in africa, you should be grateful!

btw, its DELICIOUS. yeah it contains many calories, sodium but once in a while it wont hurt ;)

Panda Express's Orange Chicken is awesome. However, it is fattening for you. No since in throwing out a good meal though!

Love panda express

Dude don't stress it. Its alright to eat junk meals once in a while!

Never waste food. Eat it or nothing, as my mother would say.

it is ok to eat once in a while.


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