Do you like stuffed crust pizza?!

Question: Do you like stuffed crust pizza?
I have never tried it, and my dad has a vengeance against it lol he thinks it looks like the most disgusting thing on the planet, but is it worth trying? thanks :) x


I'm with your Dad on this one! Last month I was with my daughter in Pizza Hut - I was attempting to excavate a slice, but it was awkward because of the cheese oozing out of the stuffed crust (bear with me this is going somewhere), so I gave it a tug and managed to propel the slice across the restaurant. It somersaulted through the air and kersplatted just outside the mens toilets :(

I think they should be banned :/

Love it. You have to eat it when it's hot though, once it's cooled down the cheese in the crust. goes a bit rubbery.

Yes, when it is hot, but as soon as it starts to cool down the stuffed crust can get a bit rubbery.

YES Definitely worth!! Its THE BEST type of pizza crust. Even better than pan crust. You may have to add money for the stuffed crust pizza.

nope. there's something so inexplicably wrong about concealed cheese...

tell ur dad hes crazy. stuffed crust pizza rocks!!!! :D mmmmmm...


Depends what it's stuffed with. Cheese is nice suffed in a pizza crust!

yeah! it nice - but not better then just plain, thick, soft, lovely, nice, ughh bread

very good
but only had it stuffed with cheese

I dont like it but you may so just go ahead and try it!!!

I like it...of course I like cheese...

nah - can't get it down.Give me a thin crust normal pizza!


my favourite

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