What should I make for supper?!

Question: What should I make for supper?
SO I have

*pasta noodles
*cream cheese
*green peppers
*tomato soup
*tomato sauch
*cheese block (chedder)
*green beans (can)
*tuna (can)
*chicken breast (can)
*Green beans
*bbq sauce
*chicken and wild rice soup
*clam chowder
*sugar (brown and white)
*seasonings like oregano, garlic, salt, pepper, etc.

any suggestions on what I could make? I also have a rice cook and a crock pot. I am sorta feeling like a pasta dish or a casserole.


If you like green pepper and onion, I would suggest thinly slicing the pepper and onion. Stir-fry in a little olive oil, or whatever you have, over medium-high heat for a minute or two until they start to get tender. Drain the chicken breast well, and add to the veggies. Heat through. Serve over pasta tossed with a little butter, parsley and parmesan, or whatever combination of seasonings you desire. It's really fast to make, and if you want to you could even use some tomato sauce on the pasta.

you can add cooked chopped chicken to this

1 lb. fettuccine noodles
1/2 c. butter
1 c. heavy cream OR MILK
1 1/4 c. grated Parmesan cheese
1/4 tsp. salt
Dash pepper

In large pot, bring 4 quarts water with 1 tablespoon salt to boiling. Add noodles; return to boiling. Boil, uncovered and stirring occasionally, until tender but firm. Drain noodles; keep warm.

To make Alfredo Sauce: Heat butter and cream in medium saucepan until butter is melted. Remove from heat. Add 1 cup Parmesan cheese, salt and pepper. Stir until sauce is blended and fairly smooth.
Add to drained noodles and toss until they are well coated. Sprinkle with remaining Parmesan cheese . Serve at once.

You could do:
Tuna pasta bake with peppers and green beans.
Cheesy pasta bake
Rice, fried veg and chicken
Rice in the soup - rice in tomato soup is nice but you don't have that.
Cut up the chicken, fry it and make a sauce using the cream cheese and put it over pasta.
BBQ chicken and rice with chopped green beans in it.

yummy stir fry,

noodles, chicken breast, onion, green peppers, what ever you fancy to add, topped off by some pepper or something - really easy and nice, and alot of the things on your list would work with it :)x

you should make casserole. cook the pasta and bake the pasta, canned chicken in a cheese sauce

Make like a chicken parmesan. Umm good stuff.

Go out for dinner

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