Do you need to grease greaseproof paper?!

Question: Do you need to grease greaseproof paper?
Okay, so im making shortbread for my mum for mothers day and they stuck to the tray so i thought greaseproof paper! Do i need to use grease proof paper for baking shortbread and do i need to grease it? Thank you for your answers! Xx


nope you don't.
you might wanna put a little bit of butter on the tray before you put the paper on it though, just to help it stay in place :)

I have never greased my pan for shortbread because of the amount of butter in the recipes, and they do stick a little bit when totally cooled. Get them off the pan and onto a cooling rack within half hour after they come out of the oven.

If you are using parchment paper, peel it off in the same time period.

You can't grease greaseproof paper - it's greaseproof!

use parchment paper , shortbread is mostly butter and will not stick when baked .

no its greaseproof so you don't put any grease on it otherwise it defeats the object

No you don't have to but I think if you do it helps with the removal of the paper afterwards.

Only if you have a stutter

Erm, NO, its grease proof!! DOH!!! :-)


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