What can i cook my mum for mothers day?!

Question: What can i cook my mum for mothers day?
I am 12 and would like to cook my mum something for mothers day. I would like something relatively simple.
She eat much meat and doesn't drink so it makes it hard.
Any ideas please post and i will mark a best answer.


A few of my favorites: Pesto Pasta, Pasta wtih Spinach & Ricotta, and Jalapeno Corn Fritters. A bunch of vegetarian recipes here: http://bit.ly/fTbien

that is really sweet.well there are vegetarian ingredients you can buy that will be made of plant extract instead of meat.my suggestion is vegetable curry.spicy but not too spicy and just perfect

Make a nice steak and kidding pudding in a bowl and stem for 2 hours, serve with spuds, brussels, peas, thick gravy and a cup of tea.

you could make her hamburgers. im sure she'll like those. those are great to cook if your a beginner.

A big steak!


Maybe pizza or pasta or something... and cake or ice cream for desert

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