Have you ever eaten shockingly good food?!

Question: Have you ever eaten shockingly good food?
That's how someone described a restaurant meal they had. If you have, where and what was it?


Best food ever tasted was Lobster in Cuba. Saw the fisherman catch it and then cook it for me. 5-10mins from sea to plate.

I'm a professional food writer. Yes, I have had some really wonderful food. Lina's restaurant in Santo Domingo; The Pirates House in Savannah, GA; Sinobi at the Mills in Tarentum, PA (great Japanese Food), Tai Pei Tokyo in Monroeville, PA; Saffron in Greensboro, N. Carolina; and leblon Churrascaria (Brazilian steakhouse) in Greensboro, N. Carolina and Cafe Vita in Oakmont, Pennsylvania. The owner is also the chef and David is awesome...Finally, a grand old restaurant also in Oakmont - Hoffstot's!

Have eaten in all of these and loved them all....

The BEST food I have ever tasted is called, Sinigang. Sinigang is a filipino type of soup that I think is the yummiest and BEST ever! You can go the Philippines, or just go to a filipino restaurant, like Point Point, which ALWAYS have sinigang!!! MMM... yummy!

From eating my mommy's homemade sinigang!

definetly fried calamari, i think the idea of eating a squid in general is gross, but when its fried it tastes amazing

Every time I visit my grandparents.

Yes. At the Bird and Bottle Inn in Garrison, New York. http://www.thebirdandbottleinn.com/

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