Can you bake cookies without eggs?!

Question: Can you bake cookies without eggs?
I was going to bake cookies for my mum for Mothers Day but we haven't any eggs! Can you bake without them?


Yea, you can bake chocolate cookies using just
-flour 5oz
-butter 5oz
-sugar 2oz and
-cocoa 1oz
mix together well, roll into a biscuit shape and bake for 15 minutes Good luck

Yes you can. There are 11390 recipes for them at this site...,1-0,no……

the above site has loads of recipes for cookies of all kinds. browse through them and find some that fit your pantry.

Shortbread cookies don't need eggs. Just lots of sugar and lots of flour and butter.

I've done so many times (I'm vegan). Check out There are also lots of cookbooks with egg-free recipes. You can try 1/4 cup applesauce per egg, but that won't provide lift.

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