What should I make with my fried chicken?!

Question: What should I make with my fried chicken?
Making fried chicken for dinner and can't decide what side I should make with it. Mashed potatoes, ma and cheese, white rice yellow rice French fries...any suggestions.


Mac and cheese

As by your answers already, it could be anything. Are you making gravy? If so, then mashed or baked potatoes if you want spuds or rice to put the gravy over.

If you aren't making gravy, then you could still have garlic mashed potatoes or fries. I wouldn't do the rice without the gravy unless you make saffron rice or something like that.

Potato salad always goes good with chicken but it needs time to meld so if it's for dinner tonight and depending on the time where you are, you may not have enough time. Same with cole slaw - it also needs time to meld.

Green beans sauteed with bacon and garlic would go nicely with your fried chicken. And baked beans always work but if making from scratch, you need the time to make it. You can open a can of baked beans and doctor it up with a little cooked bacon in it plus some other things depending on the brand you buy.

Ambrosia salad would go nicely with your meal as well - same with just a fruit salad.

Hope that helps.

"Arroz con Habichuelas" it's a spanish dish and it's incredibly delicious. All you need to do is make the rice, cook beans and add "sofrito" to them :)

Mashed potatoes, top choice.

If you have it, beat in some sour cream, cream cheese, and a bit of onion salt. It'll be so tasty that a bit of butter is all they need.

Mac and cheese, collards, and an ice-cold Mickey's!

Rice And Gravy With Buttery CornBread.

I love mashed with pan gravy and a veg on the side.

I made fried chicken last week and had potato salad.


Mashed potatoes for sure. Maybe some wheat rolls?

cole slaw...

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