is dark purple buttercream icing bitter/nasty?!

Question: Is dark purple buttercream icing bitter/nasty?
my cake decorator is making my wedding cake and claimes its bitter


If you want dark purple color in your decoration, it would be better tasting if you have a lighter color base and smaller designs or flowers in the darker color as accents.

Cream Cheese frosting will taste good, but it's not going to be any better in dark purple, nor it is a good substitute for buttercream--it tends to get softer and doesn't take heat and humidity well.

I would choose a good flavored white buttercream with dark purple decorations in delicate patterns or flowers that can be removed by the guests if they don't like the taste. Flavoring the purple with a berry extract will help, too.

sometimes it seems that the dark color icings can be bitter. i think because of the color. go and tell the cake decorator that you want to taste it. if you think it is ok go with it. if you dont change to something like cream cheese frosting.

yes! all darker dyes are. red, black, dark purple, brown, navy blue. we had black icing swirls on our wedding cake to match my dress, and I regretted it. it was grossssss.

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