can a roommate break a brand new microwave oven?!

Question: Can a roommate break a brand new microwave oven?
i recently bought a brand new microwave oven it is a 0.7 cubic foot/700 watt microwave oven my roommate has been using it for a while now i am wondering can she stop the count down timer by open up the door to microwave to stop the timer she also never cleans it out after she uses it is it in a danger zone of getting that broken i also caught her by not using any buttons to clear the timer she goes back to bedroom and never clears the timer i end up doing it


Because of radiation microwave has a safety feature to stop magnetron when oven door is opened. This in itself will not damage oven but to cook afterwards it must be cleared and reset or it will only finish the count down. You will not have as much cleaning to do if you use a plastic dome splatter cover. The greatest chance for damage is running it when it is empty or leaving a metal spoon in a cup etc.

I don't think opening the door before the time is up or not clearing it will matter whatsoever to the use of the microwave. I do think not cleaning it will though - it is not sanitary and will stain the walls.

You should remove it and let her live without one.

If this is a COLLEGE room mate, I am utterly amazed that any college would even accept you! Ever heard of punctuation??

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